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VOICE OF INDIA which literarily means in the vernacular language Bharat Ki Awaj, is precisely an ideal and exemplary social organization registered, ten years back under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. It was formed in the year 2001-02, by a fire - spirited young man to fight for right and to raise the suppressed feelings and the acute unsay - expectations of the common man of the large Indian masses through this sensitive and perceptible mouthpiece or public   

-stage to put their genuine, rightful reasonable and utmost constitutional demands before those deaf and dumb , thick - skinned persons , who anyhow succeeded in reaching up to those golden and silver chairs, which as a silent torpid - spectator endure the burden of such rulers under the deceptive guise of democracy.

Dhanesh Ieshdhan, the founder - chairman of 'VOICE OF INDIA', through his subtle brain and glowing personality, for the first time in the whole country and even across the seven seas, raised his voice against the corruption ( in 2002- 2003) and made a flaring demand before the then President(Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam) as well as the Prime Minister of India(Mr. .A.B.Bajpayie), for the capital - punishment as well as the urgent amendment in the Indian Penal Code to bring the deed of corruption in the category of non - billable offence, if the rulers of this country are actually serious and uneasy to out root the banyan of corruption, once for all, from the land and if they really wish to see the development or prosperity of a common man in a real sense in place of the deceptive figures or chart of progress of the common men fabricated and depicted by the corrupt and delusive bureaucrats on the such fantastic govt.

Record! Various citable and appreciable works have been performed by 'VOICE OF INDIA' in the service of afflicted - mankind ,both on the national as well as the international level and which was echoed in the various national daily- newspapers since the year of 2003 and the priceless efforts made by its founder - chairman, Mr. Dhanesh Ieshdhan(the name literally means the wealth of the Almighty God), in the field of fight for right, are in fact unparallel as far as the character and acts are concerned in the Personal - life and the social - life amidst the scanty source of financial - assistance to survive with respect on this mortal-land as well as to ignite and then feed the flames of fight for right on numerous public - interested issues .

One of the exemplary and valuable efforts of 'VOICE OF INDIA', is related to make the International Treaty Against Corruption, 2003, a real one and result oriented weapon against the monstrous of corruption, are the subject of record in the office of the Secretary - General of the U.N.O as well as in the Prime Minister House of India and which was well -recognized, recorded and appreciated on the part of the then S-G of the U.N.O, Mr. Koffi Annan. The such efforts of 'Voice Of India' against the corruption, got place in the national- daily newspapers in the year of 2003 - 2004.

In fact, in place of sitting and showing the face on T.V or in news - channel - studios and churning the spit or saliva on different subjects like corruption or other issue of public - importance, in a false pretension manner, in fact, the founder - chairman through his persevere efforts via 'VOICE OF INDIA' ,on the other hand set up an un precedent example before the present flag-holders of the issue of corruption, who hijacked the issue of corruption and got easy - publicity in the country and across the seas mainly on the basis of like two oars of a boat i.e one the clutches of an old honest person and the other in the shape of misusing the accumulated money to set the media in their favor specifically the electronic - media in the shape of news - channels, which focused their cameras round the clock on their faces and made senseless debates day - night in the air-conditioned glossing T.V studio's; as in place of words, 'VOICE OF INDIA' reflected its essence of glowing - character in the form of its founder, as he lost his govt. - job of Manager(2003-05)in a prestigious college of New Delhi, because he raised his voice against the rampant - corruption of all sorts, performed by a white - collared racket of the such college in a perpetual way and who under different guises, were making treacherous - deeds(deceptive appointments on various posts) besides eating up the public - money ( millions of Rupees ) and wanted at that time from Dhanesh(the then Care-Taker of the college) to be a part of their dirty- game as a silent - onlooker as well as to require his signature on the dozens of deceptive - bills connected with the purchasing of various articles for the college, varieties of the contracts etc.

The founder of 'Voice of India', in such prevailing corruption in such a govt .educational institute, which actually comes in the purview of the President of India, as he is the Chancellor of Delhi University , ultimately dragged the then C.B.I - Director , Mr. U. S. Mishra in the High Court of Delhi as the C.B.I (the prime investigation agency of the nation) under his tenure remained inactive and careless on the various sensitive complaints sent by Dhanesh Ieshdhan at the risk of his life against the fight against corruption, in which two senior I.A.S officers( among these two, one was awarded with Padam Vibhushan by the Govt. of India ), the former Vice - Chancellor of University of Delhi, the Principal of the college, Administrator Officer of the college and several Professors or teachers( holders of the P.H.D degrees ) of the college, are involved .

The fight for right against might is still continued in the personal life of Dhanesh Ieshdhan in the acute straitened - circumstances as the case is pending in the High Court of Delhi since the year of 2005.

In fact, the excellent and best deeds of the soul and body are being performed by 'Voice of India' under the viable and dynamic personality with flaring spiritual power of Ieshdhan, in the service of mankind as well as mute animals specifically cows as this specie of the earth, feed or sustain a new - born child in case of the death of a conceiver or mother of that child, through the nectar of nature i.e the milk of cow.

So, in nut - shell, 'VOICE OF INDIA', a well known social organization, is wiping off the tears and acute - sufferings of several millions - billions of people of this country in a way of its devoted and strenuous fight for right in the two main spheres of a civic - nation i.e the corruption(of all sorts) and the pierced civil-rights, which harm and smash a blossom and colorful dream of the commons of a nation and ultimately mangle the various claims and propaganda of a happy and prosperous world on this land of the universe.

The well - known social organization, 'VOICE OF INDIA' has proved its propensity and deeds towards the several millions - billions afflicted people of this country and the world as its fight for right in the interest of large - public, who, howsoever, are leading their lives as mute, helpless, ignorant one, is being recognized and appreciated by the good office of the Secretary-General of the U.N.O, several heads of the state-govts. as well as by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India as the excellent fight for right in the Apex Court by Dhanesh Ieshdhan on various public - interested matters ultimately brought bright - hope and reliefs for the millions and billions of Indians, which is undoubtedly citable here as the issues were raised and fought in the utter shortage of fund which is must to keep on the pot boiling and to carry on the sacred mission in this mortal-world for the common men.
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