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Issues raised by the Voice of India.

‘VOICE OF INDIA’ , raised several glaring issues of public – importance ,which have been untouched so far in the whole country and never been represented by any other civil – society. Certainly, it can’t be termed as exaggeration among the jealous- free, fair – minded persons, if here, it is adduced or informed that VOI through its fearless public – spirited fight for right , remained first in the whole – world , as far as the flaring issues of corruption and the violation of human-rights , are concerned. The various issues raised by ‘VOICE OF INDIA’ , on national and international level in the interest and favour of afflicted and simmering – minds and which is also a matter of record in the various national daily – newspapers , are as follows :

(1). In the year of 2003 , VOICE OF INDIA , opposed the senseless issue of the birth of foreign – origin (VIDESHI MOOL KA MUDDA ) related to the birth place of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and which was purposely and deliberately glued with her by some wiseacre politicians against her political career of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Here, it is crystal clear that VOI did not oppose such an absurd issue with a greedy – motive of just to come in the good books and win favour of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi , the present chairperson of the ruling U.P.A. – Govt. in India and thus to get the Congress- party – ticket to contest the election and to reach in to the Indian- Parliament , but , in fact , the VOI discerned and felt that such issue would brought unexpected and untold misery for those people of Indian – origin , who are living and got settled a couple of years back on the different – different pieces of land of this dharti – ma (the Mother Earth ) and who are ruling on various lands across the sea as Premier or President of those countries as well as on several other glittering posts. Had the VOI remained silent on such an issue of foreign – origin issue then the same wind of opposition would have been blown in those countries against such dignitaries of Indian – origin. That is why the such a disgusting and pain creating issue was fiercely opposed by VOI under the sharp and subtle brain of its founding – chairman, Dhanesh Ieshdhan. The reaction as well as objection was duly appreciated among the sensible people and got proper place in the newspapers like –‘ the Tribune’ , ‘ the Hindustan ’, the ‘Dainik Jagran’ etc. ;

(2). VOICE OF INDIA again stood first to fight for right in the interest of corruption – stricken global –society in the year of 2003, when an International – Treaty Against Corruption was unanimously passed in the U.N.O by the 191 member – nations of this world. In fact , this treaty emphasized on various public – interested points like – every – member nation has to provide its people the Right to Information as soon as possible , every member nation has to return the invaluable articles of a member nation, which reached through smugglers in an illegal way to other country and every member - nation has to fight against corruption in their own country and they would speed up the cases against corruption and for this , on the every date of 9th of December , every member – nation would commemorate this day in her country , the day against corruption , hence the people of that country may be aware against the monstrous of corruption and thereby it could be eliminated etc. Therefore , on this International Treaty , ‘VOICE OF INDIA’ , without any help of T.V cameras and without searching and seeking the clutches of an old man , resolved to stood in an aggressive attitude to fight for right for the progress and prosperity of the brothers and sisters of this blue – planet. VOI plainly put up such demand or suggestions before the Secretary – General of the U.N.O , in the absence of the such multifarious monstrous of corruption can’t be out rooted from the land of human – race. These demands or suggestions were sent to the then Secretary – General of the U.N.O , Mr. Koffi Annan. It is significant to mention here that he via his good office recognized and supported these demands which were well – recorded there with a request to the founder – chairman of the VOICE OF INDIA to redirect these priceless suggestion to the permanent representative of the Indian Mission to the U.N.O in New York, hence he may put in the agenda of the U.N.O to be discussed in the assembly and then be voted and may be incorporated in the such International Treaty against the corruption. VOI followed the advice or suggestion of the good – office of the Secretary- General and therefore redirected its indispensable demand to Mr. Suresh Nambiyar ( the representative of India in the U.N.O ). He did nothing but wasted precious moments of life in just put it into the agenda of the U.N.O to be discussed and voted to be adopted in the U.N.O as it was informed or advised by the good – office of the Secretary- General of the U.N.O. So , Ieshdhan once again sent a representation to Mr. Koffi Annan , about the indifference and slothful attitude of the such Indian representative on such a highly public – interested matter . Ieshdhan did not get any response from the side of the S- G of the U.N.O, probably , as he had already cleared the position and because it was the duty of such Indian – representative, who was at that time gathering the roses of life in the city of skyscrapers at the cost of public – treasury of our poor country. So, VOI ultimately decided to put his demand or such suggestions before the Prime Minister of India. So, on the day of Feb, 10.2005, Dhanesh Ieshdhan utilized the golden opportunity, when he met the present P.M of India , Mr. Man Mohan Singh, personally on the issue of his service – matter, in which Dhanesh Ieshdhan was suspended and then terminated from the white – collared racket, as he raised his voice against the rampant corruption of a prestigious college where he(Ieshdhan) was appointed on the post of Care – Taker of the college. It is highly interested to describe here that in practical life , the inexpressible pain or straitened – condition has been faced by the founder-chairman of the VOICE OF INDIA, as his fight for right in his own life along with his other family – members who stood by with him directly or indirectly against the such hi-fi corrupt persons resulted misery upon misery and which broke all the inhuman record . The corrupt officials or managing – body of the college paid him(Dhanesh Ieshdhan) just Rupees 34 Rupees ,68 Rupees 75 Rupees per month during his suspension – period specifically at the such utmost critical period ,when the delivery period was being faced by his wife , Mrs. Renu Ieshdhan and it can be easily imagined or perceived by any person having normal sagacity that how impossible it is to lead life in a dignified manner by passing whole month in just Rupees 34 by the husband and wife along with a new – born baby and facing varieties of additional expenditures during that time of delivery period ! However , these all slings and arrows of the fortune could not break his optimism, but even strengthened and infuriated his courageous and indomitable resolve to carry on his ceaseless fight for right against the such indelible dark – stains of the society or nation in the guise of corruption and the mismanagement. So, on the day of meeting with the Prime Minister , Ieshdhan informed Mr. Man Mohan Singh that how disgrace and humiliation he is facing in the fight against corruption in his native land and whereas on the other hand across the seven seas , he has been encouraged and appreciated on the issue of corruption.

However, the P.M consoled and assured Dhanesh Ieshdhan to take action on the issue of service – matter and also appreciated the efforts of Ieshdhan related to the issue of such International-Treaty against Corruption with an assurance on the part of the P.M to look into the matter. Having seen that no fruitful outcomes on both the urgent and sensitive matters even after meeting with the Prime Minister of India , several reminders have been sent to the P.M of India under the ceaseless efforts of VOI concerning making an order on the part of the P.M to the representative of Permanent Mission of India in the U.N.O, to become alive on such an important issue in the interest of mankind on this earth and for the elimination of corruption in a meaningful and efficacious way. But, no such worthwhile action on the part of the P.M of India. However , in the fight for right , the VOICE OF INDIA is contemplating to fight the matter in the court of law for the benefit of whole mankind on this mortal – world , who are affected or being afflicted from the multifarious monstrous of corruption. However , it is a matter of great surprise that while across the sea , the good office of the S-G of the U.N.O is ready to adopt the suggestions of VOICE OF INDIA to make the such International – Treaty against corruption , a more effective and result – oriented implement to erase such indelible blots of corruption , then why the Govt. of India is hesitating or overlooking the such simple exercise which is needed to be performed in the U.N.O. as it is customary in the function or proceedings of that world – organization .

in its continuation of fight for right , in the year of 2004, put a demand before the then Prime Minister of India, Mr. A.B. Vajpayee as well as the then President of India, Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to amend the law in the Cr. Pc. to bring the offence of corruption in the category of non-bailable offence along with the punishment of the capital punishment for the guilty persons , involved in the crime of corruption. Otherwise, only talking in the meetings or crying on the public – platforms would prove to waste the time and energy of both the speaker and the helpless audience.

(4). VOICE OF INDIA in its continuation of fight for right raised another issue of public – importance which related with the Indian – Parliament and the country’s people representatives , who first of all use all the tactics of their minds just to get the ticket of their choiced – political party and if be succeeded in getting tickets then use all formulas just to win the election and to enter in the Central – Hall of the parliament as member of the house of commons . It is interesting to know here that after investing huge money , untold energy and priceless time of life just to dress – up themselves in ultra white Kurta and pajama or in the dress of Netaji , they do not like to attend all the sessions of the parliament as a sincere and regular representative of the people of those parliamentary - constituencies from where they got elected. VOI realized and caught this highly objectionable flaw existed in the life – style of the present parliamentarians and ultimately raised a genuine and relevant demand for the first time in the country to make bound the such ambitious -persons , who want to touch the pious threshold of the Parliament in the guise of JANSEWAK(the servant of the commons ) and then forget the such ‘jansewa’ and ultimately attend the parliamentary sessions in a careless and capricious manner. So , VOI put forth a simple and relevant demand( April , 2004 )before the then Chief Election Commissioner of India as well as all the heads of the political parties to receive the affidavits from the such aspirer candidates that they must attend all the sessions of the year with a fixed maximum to maximum attendance , hence they may become more disciplined , more accountable towards the general public of this largest democracy of the world.

(5). VOICE OF INDIA , in the service of afflicted humanity, continued its fight for right and raised voice in favor of those Indians, who were kept in an American prison in a completely inhuman confinement condition just like sheep or beast of burden in an unventilated and suffocated jail of Vakenhut , In fact , the such inhuman treatment was the result of terrorist attack in U.S.A on the black day of September 11, 2001, in which American – administration came into vigilant action and it traced and captured all those migrants , who as a longing for the materialistic gain , got entry howsoever through passport – mafia in an illegal manner. In irritation of such series of terrorist - attack , the American administration did such a inhuman piece of work . When it came into the knowledge of VOI , then it reacted sharply in favour of the hapless and helpless confined Indians on the land of such democratic country , who is called the champion in the whole - world of the democratic – principles , human rights and other attractive tenets of human progress. So, the chairman of VOI sent a touching - representation to Mr. George W. Bush , the then President of U.S.A with a humble appeal to release the such Indians in an instant way , as the such treatment raise several questions about the saying and doing of the American President. Even , VOI also sent a representation to the Prime Minister of India to intervene in the matter as far as the Indian – interests are concerned in abroad. The American – administration adopted some soft approach on the representation of the VOI and they were shifted later on in a ventilated place possessing more spacious and commodious condition.

(6). VOICE OF INDIA ,in its ceaseless fight for right , for the first time in the whole country raised its strong objection on the report or recommendation of the committee headed by E. Nachiyappa and which was set up by the Ministry of law and justice of the Govt. of India to consider the role of govt. in future as far as the appointment as well as transfer of the judges in the High Courts and the Apex Court is concerned. VOI strongly raised its objection against the such recommendation of the committee , which would create and strengthen the scope and chances of corruption in the Indian judiciary as far as cult of ‘setting’ or (JUGAD) is already prevalent in every sector of the govt. and it is completely against the indispensable tenets of transparency and corruption – free procedure is concerned in such a delicate and utmost service i.e the Indian -Judiciary. The govt. ultimately conceded with the demand of the organization and therefore Mr. H. R. Bhardwaj, the then Minister of law and justice made statement before the press that no political or govt. role would be played as far as the appointment and transfers of the judges are concerned and the already prevalent procedure would be remained in practice. Moreover, VOI for the first time in the whole country , put forth a reasonable demand for providing the Chief Justice of India , the special punitive power to punish the judges of the high courts , who are found as mal-doers as far as their acts of misconduct , indiscipline or corruption is concerned , hence the speedy action may be taken against the erroneous or faulty judges in place of rarely used procedure of the impeachment in the parliament against the such wrong - judges.

(7). VOICE OF INDIA in its continuation of fight for right for the common men first time in the whole country challenged the utility and relevancy of the Film Censure Board as far as its aims and objects are concerned or the main target of our society – guards , who led this govt. agency which has been constituted , in providing the healthy entertainment of the countrymen through cinema. So, having seen the third – class irrelevant scenes of violence , trickery , open obscenity , demonstration of debauchery and demonstration of the private – parts directly or indirectly of the fair – sex from different angles to incite the sensuous – feelings of the innocent common men and by such scenes drag them(the public) ultimately in the mire of evil – way of different kinds , VOI, assailed on the existence as well as its utility for the Indian – public in the present time. VOICE OF INDIA even made strong objection against the un-timely , undemocratic and senseless removal of Anupam Kher , the then chairman of the Film Censure Board , as the change of govt. in centre does not mean the curse for the persons , who already work or serve on the prime seats in the govt. – agencies and who never leave any mark of flaw or mistake during their tenure.

(8). VOICE OF INDIA in its continuation fight for right , decided in a special meeting to assist its allied society ‘SHREE DHENU SEWA ASHRAM’, specifically dedicated to serve the sacred cows by establishing cowpen or Goshala on the allotted land , hence they may live and die in a respectful manner in place of run about here and there just to find food in the garbage or dustbin to satiate their fire of starvation in this ultra developed civic – society ! VOI decided to assist the such struggling - society , hence the remarkable and un precedent resolution of making an ideal cowpen in Delhi , where 10,000 cows may be kept in a hygienic and fine manner. The fight is still on to establish such an ideal goshala and so a long legal - battle in the form of 7th round litigation is going on in the High Court of Delhi against the top class officers of the Govt. of the N.C.T of Delhi , as they under a plot in close co – league with some greedy encroachers of the allotted land , fabricated a forged document and through it declared that the allotted - land has been cancelled by the order of Lieutenant - Governor of Delhi in the year of 1997, whereas in reality , no such order was passed by the L-G of Delhi , but what a wonder in this real – world that such a false and fabricated letter was treated by the court of law ( High Court of Delhi ) as genuine in the earlier writ - petitions . But , now with the such new documents , obtained through the R.T.I. Act, 2005 and along with these new documents , various flaring orders of the Supreme Court of India connected with the forgery or the cases of fraud , the R.F.A(the regular first appeal) is being filed in the High Court of Delhi against the such whimsical, inconsistent , wrong and outlawry order of a High Court Judge , who was earlier a standing counsel of the govt. of N.C.T of Delhi and who in place of issuing notice in such an un- precedent genuine and noble matter, which was put forth before the such court of law under the suggestion or advice of the Hon’ble Supreme Court , against the dazzling fraud , corruption , cheating and criminal conspiracy of the govt. - respondents, purposely dismissed the civil – suit , just to thwart and to break the backbone of the persistent petitioner and to save the skin of the such corrupt bureaucrats of the govt. of Delhi. So , in an utter straitened - circumstances, the fight is on against the such stunning and blazing corruption of the govt. - officials as well as against the tainted - justice of such a judge, who butcher the such case , which was filed 6th time in the temple of justice just to gain fair and square justice, which is a first and foremost right of an afflicted person and for whose such indispensable interest , the courts of law , have been set up in this civic – society of the democratic – world.

(9). VOICE OF INDIA in its fight for right raised various questions of public –importance for the first time in whole India , regarding the actual and purposeful use of National Security Advisory – committee as well as the practicability and credibility of the ‘Meterological – Department’ of India , to see the gigantic – loss of human – lives and property owing to the tremendous spate of the ‘Sunami – waves’ in the south-east states of India , which devastated the nearby located large numbers of dwelling – places as well as the thousands of lives , which come in the swap of these awesome and pernicious waves of the sea. VOICE OF INDIA even put forth a genuine and reasonable demand before the Govt. of India to declare the period between 26th of December to 26th of January as the ‘National Disaster’ period along with the demand to put the national flag as half – mast down in honor of the untimely – departure – souls of the countrymen in such a national – calamity , which could be avoided to a large extent , if there any mutual understanding and mindful – duty would have been prevailed between the such worthless and tea- party type national security advisory committee and the local - administration of the afflicted states of south- east coast of India.

(10). VOICE OF INDIA , in its next object of fight for right , raised even the flaring doubt and question regarding the selection – procedure of the awardees or the persons , who are awarded the National – Awards like the Padam Shree,, Padam Bhushan, Padam Vibhushan etc. on the eve of 26th of January , annually. VOICE OF INDIA , demanded that the such prestigious awards or honor must be given to those right persons ,who actually deserve for it and who through there delicate sensitivity and deeds proved their efforts or the deeds in the service of the millions of afflicted countrymen rather than to those undeserved persons ,who are living in luxury and only on the basis of ostentatious and time- pass formula of the electronic – media , are ultimately thrust upon the minds of the viewers or onlookers and at last selected by the such inchoate and completely cock – eyed selective – committee as if , the such national – awards , which are in fact , the sign and representation of the whole country , are nothing but just like cheap – rated toffees and chocklets being distributed among some favourite - selective persons , according to the choice or whimsical – mind of the ruling – party members or through fallacious lobbing to catch such awards.

In its fight for right in favour of the afflicted countrymen , VOICE OF INDIA, having realized the utmost relevancy and acute need of the ‘JANTA – DARBAR’( the hearing of the sufferings of the common men before the concerned Minister ) , raised the such public – spirited demand in the year of 2005 , before Mrs. Sonia Gandhi , to hold the such necessary JANTA DARBAR ,which were prevalent in the time of Mrs. Indira Gandhi , hence the vexatious – problems of the afflicted persons may be sorted out by the concerned minister through his sensitive and necessary dictation or instruction to the concerned KAMCHOR or LAPARWAH (truant and careless) corrupt officer or authority , within a month and by intimating him or her in writing about the solution or pending status of the such suffering or problem. In fact , this demand is absolutely necessary for the benefit of the afflicted people to avoid the last race towards the court of law , which is not only costly but also consumed a priceless time and energy for an afflicted party or person. That is why VOICE OF INDIA under the sensitive and public – spirited efforts of its chairman , raised such a reasonable demand before the U.P.A – Chairperson to come in action for the sake of public –benefit and persuade its ruling – govt. ministers to arrange such public – hearing open meeting in their particular govt. - residence on a regular basis as a sensitive and accessible public – representative of the countrymen.

(12). VOICE OF INDIA in its continuation of fight for right , raised an urgent and unavoidable demand before the democratic govt. of this country, which was duly highlighted in the various newspapers in the year of 2006 in favour of the homeless or shelterless people, who pass their shivering - nights under the open sky on the footpaths or wayside in the terrible cold – season in a perpetual way. VOI even raised the glaring questions about the utility and purpose of the National Human Rights Commission to discern the impassive and unanimated role of the such NHRC as far as the pathetic – problem of the shelter – less people. VOICE OF INDIA stated in its demand that the sufficient number of ‘RAINBASERA’(Night-Shelter) should be set up all over the country in the service of such hapless and helpless poor people of this country , who lost their lives every year in thousands of number due to the such extreme cold – blowing i.e ‘SHEET- LAHAR’ and be found by the police as unidentified bodies or unclaimed-corpses.

(13). VOICE OF INDIA in its fight for right took next daring step to see and feel the touching problem of the millions of educated - unemployed people of the country , who are leading a pitiable and undignified lives as they are jobless and have no source of income and either they are going in the clutches of crime or doing suicide as no meaningful support on the part of the such a democratic – govt. to safe , secure and cheer their lives as its ‘RAJDHARAM’ (Duty of the State) clearly stated under the sacred spirit of the ‘Constitution of India’. So ,VOI for the first time in the whole country , shed light upon the painful – condition of the married unemployed persons , who are however educated but no job or employment to sustain their own lives and their dependent – families in a respectable manner. So, VOI put forward an unprecedent and reasonable demand before the Govt. of India to levy tax on the temples , religious – establishments or ashrams as well as charitable trusts , who have untold – wealth and hidden properties or assets in the guise of religion or superficial philanthropic – works and till day escape from paying income – tax and thus an untold loss of 50,000 crores of rupees per year towards the public – treasury of govt. VOICE OF INDIA , insisted to put tax on all these institutions and set up a separate – fund accumulated from the such temples or shrines or money – making delusive charitable – trusts , hence from such separate fund the such unemployed – persons may be provided a sufficient financial – assistance on 0% interest to make them self – reliant or job – oriented and the priority must be given to those married - unemployed people , whose condition is more grave and pathetic than the young or fresher unemployed – persons.

(14). VOICE OF INDIA in its series of fight for right for the helpless and afflicted peoples filed a public – interest litigation against the corruption and mismanagement of the civic – agencies of all the states of India as their delusive – deeds took a heavy toll of death owing to the feral diseases like the dengue , malaria , chickengunia and other viral – diseases which takes place in India as the unchecked breeding of the varieties of stinging mosquitoes. The such matter was litigated by the VOI in the year of 2006 in the Apex Court of India and the efforts of its chairman , Dhanesh Ieshdhan was duly appreciated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court as all the aspects of the such perennial and pernicious problem were divulged before the court . But , at the suggestion of Hon’ble Supreme Court , the VOI withdrew the such case from the court. But , the efforts are taking by the VOI to take up such noble and urgent cause once again to save the lives of people who have to lose their priceless lives owing to the corruption and work – shy of the govt. officials.

Having followed the message of Lord Shree Krishna(Set your eyes only on your work or action , not on the result)and the teaching of great spiritual –personality ,Shree RamKrishanParamhans ,the religious – teacher of Swami Vivekanand – who preach that ‘if a person wipe off the tears or suffering of an afflicted person in this mortal–world, he is certainly a great soul and is called as NAROTTAM among the crowds of men i.e ‘the salt of the earth’ , the such subtle and sacred tenet or message, which is in fact, the essence or the eternal light of life , is being followed by ‘VOICE OF INDIA’ in letter and spirit under the hawk – eyed and sharp – mind of its founder – chairman , Sh. Dhanesh Ieshdhan. So, VOI through its ceaseless fight for right in the service of millions and billions of afflicted peoples of this country, set an unmatched and unique example before the entire civic – society of this great nation.


Here are such achievements , which have been achieved by the VOI in the service of mankind :

(1). The Opening of Railway–Over–Bridge in Kurukshetra. In the historic and ancient religious place of Kurukshetra of Haryana State, the such bridge’s one way was not opened since last 3 years due to local power – politics as well as the tussle between the Govt. machinery and the manufacturing company and thus result was untold suffering for the people of such city and the people of Punjab or the other tourists who used such passage to reach the other end of the city. There remained traffic – jams on such single passage which leads to that railway – over bridge and the situation got deteriorated when the caravan of political – rally of different parties deliberately halted their trucks, cars , tractors or bullocks on that running single one way – passage of that bridge and which resulted in the longer line of jam up to the G.T.Road(2-3K.M). So, VOI , on the request of some local people took up such genuine cause related to the suffering of several lakhs people in a daily routine manner. A representation was submitted by Ieshdhan to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to intervene in the matter as far as public was being hurt due to such going on dirty – local politics and on the other hand , VOI sent an ultimatum to the C. M of Haryana that if such railway over bridge would not be opened up to 11th of March 2007, then VOICE OF INDIA would drag the govt. of Haryana in the Punjab and Haryana High Court , Chandigarh in the public – interest matter to remove such senseless hurdle. Having realized the imminent outcome of such public – interested matter or wrath of court of law , the Chief Minister of Haryana , Mr. B.S.Hooda, visited the city of Kurukshetra and opened the such closed bridge on the day of 10TH of March i.e a day before the dead line, without levying any toll-tax, which was also opposed by VOI in the large general public- interest.

(2). In the state of Punjab , the Chief Minister Sh. Parkash Singh Badal took a noble decision in its cabinet meeting owing to the persistent efforts of Dhanesh Ieshdahan, as the ultimatum was given by the VOI on the glaring problem of stray – animals specifically deserted and helpless cows and its progeny which caused perilous hardships in the way of easy movement of the general – public as the flock of deserted cows and bulls create vexatious problems along with posing a touching picture of the such sacred specie of the earth on the land of great saints and sages ! So, the noble step was taken by Mr. Badal by passing an order to all the Deputy Commissioners of all the districts of the Punjab state to build a new govt. cowpen (GOSHALA ) in their particular districts apart from the already existed goshalas. The VOI was duly intimated by the concerned department about such step and going on programme of the Punjab – Govt.

(3). In the state of Uttar Pradesh, specifically in the parliamentary – constituency of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi , the Chairperson of the U.P.A – Govt. , owing to the strenuous efforts of VOICE OF INDIA through its Chairman Dhanesh Ieshdhan , the interior portion of the district of Raibraeliey , hundreds of hamlets and the villages got electrification and the light reached in the huts or abodes of the poor persons for the first time after 62 years of India’s independence , which was untouched so far due to the completely impassive and careless attitude of the govt. and its related accountable district – administration. VOI took up such genuine and pathetic - problem of the several thousands of such rural people , who were living in the completely dark or cimmerian ,in the such hundreds of villages and after all the sound – sleep of the bureaucrats was broken by the VOI and the District Magistrate and the S.D.M activated through the instruction of Ms. MayaWati(the Chief Minister of the U.P State) to perceive the imminent court case on the part of VOI , if the such problem remains as unsolved on such a public-spirited and sensitive representation of Ieshdhan which was sent to the Chief Minister , Chief Secretary , District Magistrate of Raibraliey and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi as the Member- Parliament of the constituency of Raibraliey, with the signatures of hundreds of such helpless villagers of the dozens of villages. So, VOI brought dazzling light in the dark abodes of the such large number of rural folk and cheerful smile on the withered or bleak faces of the people.

(4). In the whole country, for the very first time VOICE OF INDIA through the sensitive and delicate public-spirited feelings of its Chairman, Dhanesh Ieshdhan , took up the acute problem of the clean potable water at all the public – places of country, where the common people from all walks of life and different age run about here and there in search of pure cold - water particularly in the torrid summer – season just to quench their unbearable-thirst. The such touching scenes can be easily observed on the different general bus – stands , railway – stations and its platforms , metro – stations and its platforms, govt. hospitals , dispensaries , govt. – schools , religious places , picnic – spots , parks , gardens , various govt. – departments , police-stations , post-offices, municipal – committees , local power house , local grain market etc. etc. , where the millions and billions of people visit these spot in a daily – routine manner and to see no such essential facility , ultimately be forced to purchase the Bisllery - bottol by the poor – pocket of such sufferer. So, VOI filed a public – interested litigation against the Union of India , all the States and Union Territories of India for providing such an essential element of life i.e the clean potable water on all the public places in a free of cost manner on all the public – places of this country. It is a matter of pride and glory that Dhanesh litigated such case before the bench of Chief Justice of India(comprised of 3 judges ) and in spite of the well – known aversion of CJI to entertain the PIL(Public – Interested Matter), as petitioner – in – person and carried the day with a fine and favourable order of the Chief Justice of India to provide such essential facility free of cost at all public places of this country, as desired by Dhanesh Ieshdhan in the such public – spirited flaring petition in the service of billions of people.

(5). VOICE OF INDIA again took up the lead in the whole country as far as the civil – rights of the general – public are concerned. In the national capital of India, where about 2 million people from the N.C.R Zone, use every day the new life – line of the capital in the form of Delhi Metro – Rail amidst in the absence of basic utility – service and other necessary-facilities like - free of cost cold – drinking water, public – conveniences in the shape of urinal cum toilet facility on the long spacious platforms of the metro – stations , adequate sitting – arrangement on the long platforms, absence of proper medical – facility to face any emergency or accident , unavailability of the metro – feeder buses on the metro - stations , non opening of the token – windows in sufficient number on the metro – stations resulted in the long spiral queues and so wastage of time and creation of irritation and weariness of mind etc. etc. VOI took up the such flaring vexatious – problems of the commuters, which have been faced by the public with their heavy heart and afflicted minds and it is on the glaring record of the C.M Office that right from the Chief Minister of Delhi to the High Court of Delhi and up to the last court of the land i.e the Supreme Court , VOI is carrying on the fight for right in the general public – interest as the case has been admitted in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Although , some improvement in the Delhi Metro Rail was taken due to the persistent efforts of Ieshdhan through submitting various representations to the Chief Minister of Delhi , Mrs. Sheila Dikshit ,like reserving the seats for old and ladies in the metro – train , a separate coach for the fair – sex to secure them from the incidents of eve-teasing or other molestation in the excessive crowd of the commuters, putting scanning machines to check the bag and baggage in place of open the zip or chain or lock etc. but several genuine and glaring vexatious problems are yet to be removed by the VOI through the litigation , which is going on in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for the sake of convenience and trouble-free traveling with complete basic and necessary – facilities for the AAM AADMI (the common man).

More Achievements
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