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The untried fight for the establishments of an ideal cowpen (GOSHALA) In Delhi.

VOICE OF INDIA in its fight for right is also supporting its allied society Shree Dhenu Sewa Ashram to continue its fight in the shape of  7th round litigation against the KAMAL KA BHRASTACHAR AUR JAALSAJIE  (Stunning corruption and Forgery) committed by the top class bureaucrats of the Govt. of Delhi just to halt and thwart the noble and sacred cause taken up in hands by the society under the animated spirit of Dhanesh Ieshdhan for the  establishment of a cowpen or GOSHALA in the village of Kutubgarh of Delhi on the 56 Acres( 280 Bighas ) land , which was allotted to the registered society ( Shree Dhenu Sewa Ashram ) in the year of 1995 by the Govt. of the N.C.T of Delhi under a fixed policy to improve the bad condition of the ill – fated cows and make the roads , crossings , streets, markets , parks , open grounds and even footpaths free of stray and deserted flocks of cows , bulls and its progeny , which is however estimated very sacred - specie among the Hindu religion and in the Indian philosophy. Here , on this topic in hand, a flaring , explosive and explosive book can be published covering the whole story right from the first day of making untold laborious effort in the form of to get or apply for the land then the allotment of land after then starting the construction work with a great enthusiasm on the allotted land , henceforward the criminal conspiracy perpetrated between the corrupt officials and the local land mafia just to halt the noble work of GOSHALA or GOSADAN with a view to mint money in the shape of making a jerk or break in the going on construction work on the allotted land for Goshala which was in full swing at that time , hence the later on , the allotment may be declared as cancelled hence the lying land may be easily encroached and be illegally used by the land mafia for growing different crops and then selling it into the grain markets and thus in a reciprocal way under mutual – understanding both ( the corrupt govt. officials and the local village land mafia ) may make enrichment from the allotted land. How under a common criminal – conspiracy , the forgery was committed by the govt. officials and later on how a forged letter was sent to the allotted society in which the false , deceptive and misleading information about the cancellation of land by the order of the Lieutenant – Governor of Delhi was communicated by an order letter whereas the several representations in person as well as by the way of correspondence was made by the way of registered post or speed post. Then how from the first petition to third writ petition and in the LPA ( Letter Patent Appeal as 4th case ) and finally in the Supreme Court ( as 5th case for the same noble cause against the senseless and wrong order made by the bench of High Court of Delhi comprising the Chief Justice and other Judge on the basis of such forged letter ) then in such an extremely stressed and disturbed condition of mind ( failure upon failure in the court of law in such an excellent and sacred cause of cows as well as to remove the accidents on roads and the situation of traffic – jams because of such stray – cows and progeny which even sit exactly in the mid of roads in a frequentative way and also these sacred cows or calf even hit by the speedy heavy vehicle and got wounded )  how the appeal in the shape of 5th case as an appeal ( Special Leave Petition ) was filed against the such wrong and fantastic order of the double - bench of the High Court of Delhi. How , the Hon’ble Supreme Court avoid the such genuine case and did not intervene in the case and advised the appellant to file the Civil Suit in the court in the light of liberty which was granted to the petitioner in the foremost writ petition ( 1st  writ – petition ) which was filed for the very first time in the year of 2002 , by annexing the such forged letter , which was crafted and then sent to the allotted society. How the civil – suit was filed in the High Court of Delhi as a 6th round of litigation , comprised of fresh facts and novel documents obtained through the procedure of the RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT , 2005 , which substantiated the forgery and corruption of the govt. officials as per document there is no cancellation upon the allotted land and all the cases filed so far by the society for such a noble cause could not be succeeded just because of such a glaring and eye – opening forgery and cheating and surprisingly enough the civil – suit which was filed for the very first time with the new documents at the suggestion of the Supreme Court , was dismissed by the judge in a completely wrong and prejudiced manner as he was a govt. counsel of the govt. of Delhi prior getting the post of  Judge and the civil – suit itself was disclosing the fraud and corruption of the top class officers of the govt. of Delhi. What would have been the condition of mind of the struggler to see the act of such judge who purposely saved the skin of such corrupt govt. officials by dismissing such suit whereas the issue of notice to the respondents was due as his predecessor Judge ( the earlier judge who was more senior , more sagacious more experienced in attending the such complicated with the variety of cases and who studied out the whole case of the goshala and found that glaring act of fraud and cheating has been perpetrated by the govt. officers ) allowed the amended suit filed by the plaintiff’s counsel after hearing the argument. But , the new judge completely subvert the ends of justice and openly made in the temple of justice , the miscarriage of justice in favour of the such fraudulent and corrupt govt. officers and ultimately left the perseverant and public – spirited litigant in the lurch and to fight other 7th round litigation in the court of law just to challenge the such tainted justice or order of that great and noble judge of the High Court of Delhi . In fact , the story of struggle and fighting for the such noble cause which is also in the public – interest is so much  interesting, touching shedding light on all those people who so far come in the contact of Dhanesh Ieshdhan that it can easily surpassed and belittle the such false and deceptive images or personalities of those award – winners , who through lobbying or by showy drama ultimately succeed  in getting the International – Awaeds. Now, the 7th round litigation is going to be fought in the High Court of Delhi against such order of that highly noble and fair – minded judge whose appointment by the President of India was made with a view to save and protect the interests and rights of an afflicted person , who ultimately touch the pious threshold of the temple of justice just to get fair and square justice against the injustice. But , the  RFA(regular first appeal) is going to be delayed in lack of proper fund required to fight the case in the court of law . AB IS MAMLE KA BHAGWAN HEE MALIK HE , KYONKI AAKHIR KAB TAK IDHAR – UDHAR SE JESE – TESE KARKE HUM MAJBOOT AARTHIK AADHAR KE NE KEWAL BHRASTACHARIYON KE BALKI GALAT FESHLAU KE LADTE RAHE. PHIR BHI HUM LADENGE, PESE IKHATHE KARENGE AUR KANONI LADAI LADENGE KYOKI HUMNE JITNA SIKHA HE NE KEE HAARNA.

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