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Marvellous and unprecedent fight against corruption on national and international level amidst the lack of financial - fund as well as in the absence of false propaganda in the shape of desisting the news channels so far by the VOI, which is however being used by some dissemblers for their vested interests on the issue of corruption ,who without facing any pain or miserable condition during the term of their service period in the govt. job(the source of their livelihood) , become all of a sudden , the heroes on the basis of an old and kind - hearted person ,who has been easily persuaded along with their well- planned setting with some T.V Channels. The founding chairman, Dhanesh Ieshdhan set an example before the people as the symbolic of honesty and indomitable spirit as far as the fight in the life of an individual citizen of this corruption -stricken country is concerned.


VOICE OF INDIA in its ceaseless fight for right in the interest of corruption-free society , proved its fire - spirited and unmatched fighting - caliber and zeal at the risk of his own peace , security and life as well as having lost the govt.- job as a manager i.e Care Taker in  a prestigious college ,as he tied the bell in the throats of the corrupt persons i.e a white - collared - racket, in which 2 senior I.A.S officers  are involved ( one is the recepient of Padam Vibhushan Award ) as well as a former Vice - Chancellor of Delhi University and also some teachers who got their P.H.D degrees along with some administrative - officials of that college, whose enormous fund was being eaten up under different guises like purchasing of the various articles for the college like computers ; furniture ; fans  ; room - heaters ; deserted cool - air apparatus ; high power generator with soundless canopy system  ; bulbs  ; tube - lights  ; books for college - library  ; music - instruments ; sound system  ; replacement of the old wires of the whole college  ; demolition work ( purposely demolished the well - conditioned floors , ceiling , rooms , roof just to construct new one and thus coin the money ) ; unnecessary construction of new building , whereas most of the rooms of  the old building , always remained devoid of teachers (as a matter of fact , it is a bitter truth of the society  that except some honest and duteous teachers , most of the teachers of the colleges never visit the college. They remained in other inconsistent and unlawful activities like to engage themselves in sub - standard politics or anti - govt. propaganda or hunting for the media - coverage just to show their faces as the perfect - pretenders on the issue of corruption in place of investing their blood and sweat towards the delicate career of the innocent students by taking classes regularly and sincerely for which they are paid lavishly through the govt. - treasury of this poor country , some of the teachers among rest of the group of  those work- shy or KAAMCHOR teachers , who never attend their classes in the college , remained busy to write a new book by the help of two - three books , which they issued from the college - library and by stealing the contents in an artful way , they formed a new book as a plagiarist , some teachers remained absent from the college throughout the year as they engaged themselves either in the property - dealing business or in manufacturing - work of  the factory , running in the name of their sons or wives or in other deceptive ways. ) ; giving contracts of several lakhs of rupees to their choiced - persons under a setting TU BHI KHA AUR MUJHE BHI KHILA ( Let both of us eat this public money ) ;  hocus - pocus or the inequity technique adopted by the Governing - Body or Managing - Body of the college ,while issuing and declaring the various tenders concerning different tasks of the college ;  making money in preparing the college - students' identity cards by sanctioning the deceptive or forged quotations ; inequity or corruption in the purchasing of consuming as well as non - consuming goods or articles like stationery - items for the requirement of teaching and non - teaching staff  in the shape of goods like bundles of paper - sheets , variety of chalks to write on the black - board , staplers , punching - machines , envelopes , pens - pencils , various types of registers , copies , computer - paper etc.etc ;  in the deceptive contract of publishing the yearly college - magazine ;  engaging private security - guards under a totally corrupt - contract i.e by paying less than half of the amount to the innocent private security - guards ,whereas the heavy amount in the shape of commission goes inside the pockets of the managing - body of the college and that bloody , dishonest owner of that security guard, who suck the blood of these helpless security guards ;  bungling in the student - fund having several lacs under this way or that way  ; corruption in purchasing the curtains for the library, different rooms of the college ; corruption in purchasing the various articles ,which is needed by the sweepers of the college in a daily - routine manner just to keep clean  all the urinals and toilets as well as various laboratories of the colleges along with to maintain the cleanliness round the corners of the college ;  corruption in the appointment of the various choiced - persons on different posts ( first some unemployed favourite - persons are put on the temporary post for a term of 6 months then after the expiry of that short period the another term is extended and finally to make them permanent employees of the college , an open cheating and criminal - conspiracy is played by the managing - body of the college in a fantastic way that first of all the vacancy is showed in the newspapers , applications are invited from the unemployed or aspirant persons , test or interview is hold then finally by kicking all the such crowd of the unemployed persons , the that very ad - hoc person , who was working as a temporary employee of the college , got succeeded by the selection - committee of the college !  In fact , the footing or foundation of VOI is precisely based on the famous proverb i.e ' EXAMPLE IS  BETTER THAN PRECEPT ' and the philosophy and message of the fire - spirited founding - chairman(Dhanesh Ieshdhan) is - SAMACHAR CHANNELO KE STUDIO ME  BHETH KAR THOOK GHOTANE  KEE  BAJAE  APNE  ES KHOKLE  AUR  DOGLE  CHARITER  WALE  JEEWAN  ME  BEE  VYAKTIGAT ROOP SE BHRASTACHAR KE KHILAP KOOCH KAR KE DIKHAO. JAB AADMI JAHAN BHI WAH KAAM KAR RAHA HOTA HE WAHAN CHAL RAHE BHRASTACHAR KE KHILAP APNE SE UPAR KE ADHIKARIYON SE LADTA HE AUR ALAG - THALAG PAD KAR BHEE APNI BHRASTACHARIYON KE KHILAP LADAI JARI RAKHTA HE AUR ISKE DUSHPARINAM BHUGATATA HE TAB PATA CHALTA HE KI ASALI JINDAGI ME BHRASTACHAR AUR BHRASTACHARIYON KE KHILAP KYA HASIL HOTA HE EK IMANDAR AADMI KO AUR  AISE AADAMI ME AUR NAUKARI PURI KARKE BAAD ME BHARASTACHAR KE KHILAP BOLNA EK TARAH SE APNE KO DHOKHA DENA AUR LOGAUN KO BEWKHOOP BANANA HEY.  So, VOICE OF INDIA believes in the glaring and adoptable maxim i.e ‘deeds not words' as far as fight against the monstrous of corruption is concerned. The flaring proofs of the persevere efforts and ceaseless attack on the corrupt persons related to the various government - departments , can be seen and perceived by the connoisseurs or the sensitive - persons of this earth in the shape of  dazzling  record herein inlayed in the photo gallery of the website. 

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