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The purification as well as the cleanliness of the sacred spot of Saraswati i.e the holy place of the Hindus located at Pehowa in Kurukshetra district of Haryana where religious - rites are performed by the Pandits or Purohit for the immunity of the dead - persons in the shape of departed - souls as per the religious - lore of the Hindus.


VOICE OF INDIA in its fight for right has also decided to redress the condition of the holy water of the so called Saraswati river be found in Pehowa and at the bank of this river people thronged here from various states of the country just for the MUKTI YA SADGATI (salvation or good treatment) for their relatives in the court of YAMARAJ, who is also known as DHARAMRAJ and who is famous as God of Death, according to the Hindu Mythology.  As it is stated in the Hindu - scriptures that after the end of the great epic - war of Mahabharta , which was fought between the Kauravas and the Pandavas under the leading and decisive - role of Lord Shree Krishna( the incarnation of Lord Vishnu , the God of the universe who sustains the world ), the act of holy - rites was performed by the Pandavas , the leaders of the victor - party after so much carnage in the presence of Lord Shree Krishna for the salvation of their all belonging ( kith and kin ) who lost their lives in the such war of Dharma. Actually , few months back, when founding - chairman , Dhanesh Ieshdhan visited this religious - spot along with his brother - in - law ( the younger brother of wife ) ,Mr. Vivek Gautam then to see the bad condition of the such religious - place as far as the cleanliness and unpolluted - water and tidiness is concerned in a pollution free healthy condition and fine environment , he become so much surprised and dejected that he questioned him how the people who come here for the rites - purpose , use such polluted - water . The answer which came from the side of Mr. Vivek Gautam was in the shape of touching -tone and words - KYA KARE MAJBOORIE HEY JIJAJI , DEKHANE WALA KAUN HEY YAHAN , EK SE EK BADKAR LOG YAHAN AATE HE DESH KE KONE - KONE SE YAHAN TAK KI VIDESH SE BHI AATE HEN APNE PARIWAR WALAU KA MARNA JINA KARWANE . THODI DER KE LIYE AATE HEN APNE PITARON KEE MUKTI KE LIYE , ISHI GANDLE JAL ME NAHATE HEN AUR ISHISE AACHMAN KARTE HEN. JAHAN AAP ITNA KUCHH KAR RAHE HO DESH - SAMAJ KE LIYE TAU ES STHAN KA BHI UDDHAR KARWA DAU , PLEASE  ! Having heard all this dialogues which was uttered by him in a single - stroke , I replied him that VOICE OF INDIA can take up this genuine and glaring cause AUR KARWANE KE LIYE TO ME SARE DESH KA SUDHAR KARWA DUN LEKIN BINA DHAN KE ME KESE AUR KYA - KYA KARAOON ---- and as you are well aware about the pitiable weak financial - position of the VOI , as we are already engaged in many public - interest litigations in the service of millions - billions of people and we can't forsake them in a swinging manner . And in the absence of financial - support, how we can take another new issue which would take money, time and energy? Then upon this he quickly said in the following manner - JIJAJI AAP YAHAN KA UDDHAR KARNE WALE BANO AAP KI MADAD KE LIYE YAHAN EK SE BADKAR EK PAISE WALE PADE HEN. AAP CHALO MERE SAATH MEN AAPKO ESHE BANDE SE MILATA HOON JISKI EK LAKH RUPEYE MAHINE SE BHI JYADA AAMDANI HEY AUR JO DAN - PUN AUR MADAD BHI KARTA RAHTA HEY YAHAN PEHOWA ME. When I asked him, who is that gentleman?  Then he told me that his name is Ashish Chakrapani. After then he told me that now this time, he would be on his gaddi (seat). He insisted me to meet him on this sacred issue. I accepted his request and ultimately we reached to the office of Mr. Chakrapani . That gentleman appreciated our deeds and efforts and on the issue of the pollution of Saraswati , he with his pleasing mind ensured and promised us to make a handsome donation if our VOICE OF INDIA in its continuation of fight for right take up this issue in coming - days or future . Having returned to Delhi, the Chairman of VOI discussed the issue of Saraswati with the other members of the VOI as well as some senior lawyers of the Supreme Court. They recommended the noble idea connected with the purification and beautification of the spot of Saraswati - river (the Pehowa). It is pitiable that since last 2 - 3 months, several phones were made to that religious - rich person, several visits have been made by Mr. Vivek Gautam towards his office. The result of these efforts is a state of confounding and shocking as Mr. Chakrapani did not fulfill his promise, which he made with his pleasing face and certitude of mind. What a world!

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