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To make available completely free of cost treatment for the general - public in all the govt.-hospital of the country , which are in fact ,are being operated and managed through the public-purse of this poor country and whereas in the present time a new wrong, disgusted and senseless cult has been adopted by the thick -- skinned corrupt bureaucrats and ministers , who however gather the roses of life and enjoy all the boons of the world at the cost of public - purse but who squeeze the blood of a common man ,who visit a govt. - hospital and ultimately found in such place that under the guise of diagnosis, testing of blood, urine, sugar or ultrasound - facility etc. the open dacoity or loot is going on in such a govt. hospital on the same style of private hospital. To make all the govt. - hospitals and dispensaries of the urban as well as rural area of fully equipped with all such necessary medical - equipments and doctors of all faculties and providing free of cost medical - service under the welfare - spirit of the Constitution of India, all energetic - efforts are being taken by VOICE OF INDIA to force the govt. to eliminate such dark blots or scars in the such area of medical - service as far as the large public - interest is concerned.


VOICE OF INDIA in its hands has also picked up the other thorny - issue which is related to the general - public (billions of people of the country), which is related their priceless health and lives. No doubt, the general civil - hospitals have been set up or opened in the different districts of the states of India with a prime object to serve the interests of the general - public. Moreover , it is a well - known fact that these govt. hospitals as well as  all the primary health - centers or the dispensaries are being operated through the public - treasury right from their first day of functioning hence the people from all sections or all walks of life may visit these SARKARI  CHIKITSALYA  OR AUSHDHALYA without any stress of mind to heal themselves in a free of cost manner as the main purpose of the govt. was ,to attend and to make available the required healing towards an ailing person or sufferer as the guardian of the commons under the sacred welfare - spirit of the Constitution of India. But , it is absolutely shocking that the KARANDHAR  OR  BHAGYAVIDHATA  of this country ( the persons ,who are sitting in the govt. and ruling the commons ) have subvert the main aim and object of these govt. hospitals and now these are being operated just as a private hospital run with a solitary aim of making money. In present time, there is no wide difference between a private and govt. hospital as far as the close of money from the poor pocket of the common man is concerned. It is a glaring and true fact that whereas hardly 20 - 25 years back, was not a single coin charged in the govt. hospital or any dispensary and all types of diseases of human life were diagnosed while all the tests were conducted free of cost for the people who had to visit such hospitals.  But, now the noble cause or excellent exercises, which were being performed in the public - hospitals, have now become the sweet memories of the past for a common man. In present scenario, the scene has been completely changed as the money in different forms is being charged or extorted by the govt. in these hospitals under different styles or pretexts like in the shape of card or PARCHIE (the small sized paper, on which the doctor write down the name of disease along with some prescriptions) as soon as an unfortunate afflicted person makes an entry in such a govt. hospital, which run precisely through the public - purse. Furthermore , his pocket is more and more be lightened in the shape of various fees or charges under the guise of blood test , urine test , stool test , HIV test , sugar test , fee for the ultrasound etc. etc. Hardly any medicine is being provided (except one or two under a rare chance) to an ailing or diseased person through the window of the hospital. So, the patients are forced to purchase the prescribed medicines from the nearby located chemist shop. What would be more worse that even the doctors are not available of all the faculties or parts or diseases of body like - absence of dentist , absence of eye surgeon , absence of specialist of ENT ( ear , nose and throat ). Even there would be a single gynecologist i.e. the single lady - doctor in the large government hospital and some time she would not be available as sometime she has to visit the court in a police - case and the result of such absence of lady doctor in his room of the hospital is large crowd of the afflicted women. It is also a true fact that every state govt. in India allocated several hundred billions of rupees per year as far as the health of the people is concerned. This amount included the new projects in hand for the current year as well as the all the entire expenditure and estimate of the existing hospitals, dispensaries, salaries of medical staff (all types) etc. etc. In spite of the availability of such gigantic public - fund , the charging of the fees of various types from the pockets of the general public on the part of the govt. is no doubt a solid proof of loot and unfair dealing under the pious and welfare - spirit of the Constitution of India. There are so many govt. hospitals in the country, where there is no proper arrangement in the shape of substitute or alternate arrangement if the light or electricity all of a sudden got disturbed or put off from a stitching or operation- room. However, the population of India got manifold in a surprising way since last 20 to 30 years, but there are no sensible and flawless efforts on the part of the Govt. of India to increase the strength of the doctors and other urgent laboratory staff in the hospitals. Apart from this ,the location of various govt. general hospital proves additional botheration for the commons that is why now- a - days even a weaker section's person prefer to fell prey of a private hospital or his locality - clinic at the cost of his present pitiable position as the neat and clean and easy and genial availability of the medical treatment compelled him to think about visiting the private hospital in place of the govt. hospital as the remoteness and untidy condition as well as the apprehension of the additional expenditure in the shape of card- fee , testing -fees and expenses of two - sides fare of rickshaw or auto-rickshaw divert the face of a diseased person towards a private hospital. These are such thorny points against which VOICE OF INDIA has set his resolved to eliminate the existing plaintive- flaws be found in the govt. hospitals of India.

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