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The fight is being carried on by VOICE OF INDIA in the interest of the hapless and helpless poor people, who commit suicide due to the nonpayment of debts: To save the lives of poor- persons or destitute-families of the country, who commit suicide in the utter despair of life as they fail to repay their debts, which they had taken in their lives just simply to start some ploy to make survive on this earth!  Only a sensitive and large-minded person can feel the pain and hardships of such wretched - families, who ultimately decide to adopt such an awesome way to hug the death in the present self - centered civic - society! VOI is going to fight a legal - battle in the court of law to force the govt. to realize its Rajdharam i.e. the Prime - Duty to wake from the sound - sleep of impassive and unaccountability and set up a relief - fund in each district of the country which may detect such genuine hapless and helpless persons or families who have no means to survive on this earth and want to lead a happy and respectable life like other thriving or fortunate families of the world.


It has been categorically stated in all the lore or sacred books of all the religions of this so called civic - world that here each and every creature of the world specifically the human being is mortal or the temporary one and one has to lead his or her life according to the destiny, which is the result of our deeds (good or bad) performed in this birth and being performed in the present life as well as what have been performed by the soul in its former births. If this philosophy is true then the simple question arise here before the gentlemen of the society then For What the wealthy - section of the society, particularly in India is sucking the blood of laborious - class either in the form of its employees of manufacturing unit or in the form of GHARELU NAUKER   (domestic - servant), GHARELU KAAMWALI (house - maid) or the CHOWKIDAR (watchman). What is this non - sense and hypocrisy that the such KHOKLE LOG ( empty and false people of the society, who is found everywhere here and there in the shape of THAKEDAR  MEANS THE MASTERS OF TEMPLES OR OTHER DECEPTIVE  CHARITABLE  WORKS  JUST  TO  REVOLVE  THEIR  BLACK MONEY  IN  THE  SUCH  PETTY  SOCIAL - WORK  WITH  A  VIEW AND SET AIM  - TO  DODGE  THE OFFICIALS  OF  THE  INCOME - TAX DEPARTMENT  BY  SHOWING  THE  SUCH  DECEPTIVE  EXPENDITURE WITH  THE  HELP  OF  HIRED  OR  PAID  CHARTERED  ACCOUNTANT , MUCH  AND  MORE  THAN THE  ACTUAL  EXPENDITURE ) would bestow upon the deities the millions of rupees in the form of CHADAWA or GUPT DAAN( douceur or secret donation ) just to come in the good books of the management of the temple or media and to appease the such unforeseen GOD . In fact , the financial - help, which could have brought the smile on the gloomy face and withered eyes of the needy person just by providing him or her the needful timely- help to overcome the acute suffering , is shifted to the wrong track owing to the superfine - mind of the such wealthy person !  Here, it would not be impertinent to disclose the true story of a highly rich man (a film - star of the past years) whose servant (an old man) is serving him since last 20 to 25 years, is being paid by the such film star with a sum of 2500 per month in a New Delhi based flat located in the hi - fi area near India Gate. It is interesting to shed light upon the topic in hand that the such film star never provided him the due and adequate financial - help either in the marriage of the daughter of that old man or in the medical treatment of his son , suffering from the acute pain of  DAMA or Asthma . The such film star must spend several thousands of rupees per month on variety of wines and other worldly materialistic things but such soul descended on this earth in the shape of competent and  capable human being would certainly not take interest in removing the tension - and pain ridden family of that servant . This is the true but bitter one side of the glittering coin. On the other side of the coin , our democratic govt. whether it is Central Government or the State Government , in the shape of the representatives of the people rule the nation under the welfare - spirit of the Constitution of India. Whereas our holy and public - spirited Constitution of India through its Fundamental Rights and the Directive Principles of the State categorically uphold with guarantee to defend and secure the interests of the citizens and provide the people all help either in the form of destitute or unemployment condition. So, on the serious issue of ceaseless suicide cases owing to the non - payment of loans , received by the such unfortunate persons for just to make themselves self - reliant by setting up some ploy or enterprise ,hence he can subsist along with his dependent family ( wife and children ). But, some time due to their ill - star or bad fortune, the ploy or the source of income does not flourish or thrive as expected by such loan - takers. This leads the debtor and his whole dependent family in a gloom and pathetic condition. The callous attitude of the moneylender or the bank in harassing and terrorizing the loan - taker by this way or that way on one side and the acute careworn condition of the debtor just to bear the other necessary expenditure of the daily - routine household commodities  just to save the family from the fire of starvation along with the unendurable sarcastic - remarks of the neighbors or kith and kin , who would hear and see the such life - story as the silent - spectators with an internal enjoyment ,as if the wheel of time and fortune would not turn against them whenever they would come on this earth in the shape of human being . So, VOICE OF INDIA in its fight for right is trying its best out of its scanty or lack of sound - fund to save the priceless lives of those unfortunate people, who ultimately take decision to kiss the gallows rather than to face inhuman taunts and swinging fear of prison on the part of govt. in the non - payment of such loan with interest. VOI dream a solid and merciful solution of this acute issue hence in the stage of non - payment of such loan , the State may act as a saviour or redeemer or guardian under the Welfare Spirit of the constitution and on the model of Prime Minister's Relief Fund , in all the districts of every state( 28 States ) , the JEEVAN - RAKSHAK KOSH( Life - saving  fund ) should be set up under the sharp vigilance of District Magistrate/ Collector to help such afflicted family ,who is at the verge of starvation or suicidal - death in the condition of either no way of source of income or in the case of non - payment of loan . When the persons in power can remit the millions and billions of loans of the farmers just to win their hearts under a political - gimmick to win the imminent election and the senseless spendthrift in the shape of several millions of rupees under different guises can be performed by the politicians in power just to satiate their ostentatious life - style at the cost of poor public - purse in this land of Mahatma Gandhi and Vivekananda then why the such sufficient and solid fund can't be set up in all the districts of the 28 States and 7 Union Territories of India. If we read our Indian History with our open eyes and attentive mind then we would find that even PUNYA SHALAYEN and KHAIRAT GHAR were in existence in the ancient and medieval period like in the period of great Gupta period ( Samudragupta , Chadragupta - ii , HarshVardhan and Firoj Shah Tuglaq , Sher Shah Suri etc. ). In fact ,

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