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To eliminate the mosquitoes' infected diseases like fatal Dengue, Malaria, Chickengunia  etc. from the country, which afflicted millions of people in this country and which takes heavy death - toll in several thousands and even lacs in the whole country every year owing to the unchecked and uncontrolled species of the mosquitoes ,which not only suck the blood of the helpless common men but also take their lives . For this great noble cause i.e to save the lives of the innocent public from the perennial-pernicious nuisance and to fix the exemplary punishment for the concerned health - officials of the civic -agencies of all the states and union - territories in the country, in the year of 2006 , the such issue in public interest was fought  by Voice of India through its chairman , Dhanesh Ieshdhan and which was appreciated by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India but which was withdrawn at the advice  or suggestion of  the Apex Court. But, now ,it is being taken up to fight once again by involving the C.B.I as one of the party to trace the hidden property and other assets of the govt. officials right from the lower level of Malarial - officials to district health officers i.e the C.M.Oes  upto the level of health - secretaries of all the states of India as no spray and no fogging is done in a regular and real manner and these officers remains insolent and impassive and eat up public- fund estimating several millions and billions of rupees.


The feral diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chickengunia, sleeping sickness got germinated owing to the different species of mosquitoes. As these mosquitoes are germinated in an unchecked manner owing to the corruption and dishonesty of the government's civic - agencies , the innocent people fell prey of these stinging - gnats every year and thousands of people all over  the length and breadth of country are forced to embrace the untimely death just because a simple reason ,which can't be refuted by any fair - minded and sensible person of this earth and that reason is KAMCHORI , BEIMANI , UNACCOUNTABILITY , ABSENCE OF COUNTER - CHECKING , ABSENCE OF PUBLIC - SPIRITED  MIND  AND  WILL -  POWER  AND  FANTASTIC  FORMULA ADOPTED BY THE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES  TO  KILL  OR  PASS THE HOURS  AND  MINUTES IN  A DAILY  ROUTINE  MANNER  OF  THEIR PARTICULAR SERVICE - PERIOD  AND LET THE WORLD SLIDE ON ITS OWN . In short , the BHYANAK  BHRASTACHAR  AUR  KHULI  KAAMCHORI ( Horrible or Awesome Corruption and open work- shy  ) in a regular manner ( annually ) performed by  all  the lower or top govt. officials of the civic - agencies as well as public - health departments in an unchecked fearless manner and the net result in our country is the countless untimely - deaths ( as the real and true figure of deaths due to the Malaria , Dengue , Chickengunia  is suppressed by the govt. , purposely ) of the innocent people. Here , it is interesting to disclose the astonishing facts , which are being thrust upon the hapless and helpless minds of the common men of this country on the part of corrupt and dishonest officials of the health department of the state govt. with a settled purpose just to eat up the enormous public - fund in millions - billions of rupees whether it is the Govt. of the N.C.T of Delhi or the State Govt. of Haryana or Punjab or Uttar Pradesh and these facts are - to force the general - people to accept and digest the senseless view that the breeding of the disease - transmitted mosquitoes specifically the Dengue - mosquitoes are not germinated on the outside of the houses or abodes of the people of this country but the farming or so called breeding of the billions or trillions of the mosquitoes take place inside the four walls and roofs of the houses , where fresh and clean transparent water come from the GOMUKH ( the origin of the holy Ganges river) directly supplied by the civic - agencies through the unseen pipeline under their super - celestial and super - natural power ,which opened in the broken cup - plates or tube or tyres which lies on the roofs of the houses in the shape of the waste - materials or in the desert - cool air system used by the people in the summer - season. Actually , this very fallacious and treacherous - view with an amazing certitude is being propagated and advertised by the such corrupt and dishonest govt. officials by the way of different hoardings , banners , stickers , via media ,  which even consumed several millions of rupees and is being spent till day through the public - purse , just to deceive  or befool the public with a view to let the breeding of such feral - mosquitoes in a ceaseless and regular way , hence the allocated - fund , provided to the concerned public - health department of the municipal committees or corporations all over the country , may  be  eat up  in  a  close co - league and reciprocal manner in place of performing their due and pending task in the form of to check and eliminate the such breeding of the feral mosquitoes by the regular and well monitored fogging and spray of the medicinal - solution on the countless spots , where the accumulated water be found round the corner of a locality and city in different - forms. In fact, the DUSHPRACHAR and LOGO  KI  JINDAGI KE SAATH KHILWAD (the such Deceptive and Misleading Propaganda as well as to play in a criminal - mischievous way with the invaluable lives of the people) are being practiced by such concerned govt. officials of the responsible department and the outcome is,thousands or even more deaths of the Innocent people owing to the bursting of Malaria, Dengue, Chickengunia or other such likewise undefined hidden diseases all over the country in an annual way. It is a solid and irrefutable universal truth or fact that the diseases (whether caused by mosquitoes or virus) be originated from GANDGI (Unclean water or place or polluted environment). The Aedes mosquito that caused the feral Dengue is not germinated inside the abodes of the citizens of this country but it is germinated under the open sky in the variety of clogged or accumulated water, which are deliberately overlooked by such corrupt and treacherous bureaucracy just to carry on their criminal - activities or such fallacious propaganda. This delusive - formula has been discerned and detected by the VOICE OF INDIA through its diligent and solemn study of the issue and that is why the VOI filed a comprehensive public - interested litigation in the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the year of 2006 just to disclose each and every fact and to break the corrupt backbones of the responsible officials of the civic - agencies of all the 28 States and 7 Union Territories of the nation , which leave the health and lives of the countrymen at the mercy of their own fortune or the Almighty God.  However , at the suggestion or advice of the Hon'ble Supreme Court , the such public - spirited and exposive petition had to be withdrawn with a view to touch the duteous - mind or sensitivity of the concerned main responsible authority . So, once again the VOICE OF INDIA in the interest of billions of people , is going to file the case to break the corrupt back bones of the concerned govt. officials of all the states and union territories of India on the one hand and to eliminate the scope or chances of breeding of the varieties of the mosquitoes once for all , which disturb the sleep and destroy the lives of the common men by stinging and creating burning - itch and inserting the feral poison or virus inside the blood and then creating an awe

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