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To remove all the painful defects in the public and private bus-services, which are being operated under the Government of N.C.Tof N.C.T of Delhi, Govt. of Haryana and Govt. of U.P in the N.C.R. ZONE and which transport several millions of people in a daily – routine manner and to make their journey safe , secure , economical and comfortable as well as free of all hardships , a legal battle is going to be fought in the Supreme Court of India in the interest of large general – public, who are forced to use such a fantastic bus – service in the heart of the nation i.e the so called high-tech world class city, where hundreds of bus – stoppages are roofless and in the mid of day , the commuters have to remain on their legs for a long vexatious - period either in a standing or wambling and wearisome position and the govt.- buses are sent by the such wonderful department of the Ministry of Transport towards the hi-- fi  public - schools of the capital city , which earns several crores of rupees in profit by commercialize the Goddess of learning !


VOICE OF INDIA in its public – spirited fight for right has took up the one another important and burning problem of the city  - bus service , which run in the N.C.R. of Delhi . The capital city of the nation, which just one year back successfully conducted the Common Wealth Games (2010) and surprisingly enough, the govt. has compared the city of Delhi with the world – class cities of Paris, London , Tokyo , New Yorrk etc.  The public transport service in the shape of the govt. operated DTC buses as well as the private bus service in the shape of variety of  buses like private chartered buses , RTV buses , Metro Link Service , Metro Feeder buses , which run and regulated under the State Transport Authority under the Ministry of Transport of the Govt. of N.C.T of Delhi along with the buses of U.P State and the Haryana State , which included the govt. buses and the private buses of all sorts , transport several millions of people ( about 6 to 7 million peoples ) in a daily routine manner in the National Capital Territory Zone . The people from all walks of life and sections use these buses to reach their destinations. Actually , in place of to provide a neat and clean , safe , convenient and economical bus – service to a AAM AADMI ( Common men ) , the completely defective , vexatious and insecure bus service is being provided on the part of the govt. specifically in the heart of the nation , what to speak about in the other backward states of the country ! The hundreds of roofless bus - stops round the N.C.T of Delhi  ; absence of public utility services like hygienic and clean toilet facility and cold potable water in a free of cost manner in all the various bus - terminals of the D.T.C like Central Secretariat ,Shahdra , ShadiPur , KaramPura , AzadPur , BadarPur bus terminals etc , are the slap on the name of sensibility , intellectuality of the responsible bureaucrats and the good – governance under which the various ministries and their public – service departments are set up  and being operated through public - treasury. In fact, openly a precarious and irksome public - transport in the form of public bus - service is being provided under the incautious and insolent supervision of the traffic police and the transport - division of the govt. and the net result is a perennial - source of annoyance for the common men. The bus - driver would never stop the bus in the prescribed bus – box which is fixed for the boarding and de - boarding of the commuters. The drivers of the buses never drive their buses in the prescribed bus – lanes. The drivers can be seen with the mobile on their ears with one hand and the other hand on the steering wheel in a filmy - style, the conductors of the govt. buses like D.T.C would never took pain while serving the society or nation and pass their hours of duty - period in an open way of KAAMCHORI and GHATIYA SEWA as they never serve in an attentive and perfect public – spirited manner. In place of provide the tickets to the commuters in the MumbaiAhmadabadChandigarh style, they will catch the whole bench (one for sitting and the other seat for putting their KOTHALI i.e. the small sac made of cloth in which collection money is kept by him) as if either they are the King or Seth of a Kingdom or Nagar or they are lame or medically unfit. It is really very surprise that however , we are touching the surface of the Moon and Mars but , here , on the surface of the Earth , the tickets are being provided by the such conductor of the world class city by putting his spittle or saliva while detaching the ticket from the block or set of tickets !  The driver of the bus would never stop the bus on the wayside of the road but he must stop 8 to 15 feet inside of the road, whether any speedy vehicle from the left hand side could hit the commuters, who are going to de boarding or boarding the such bus, which is being operated and regulated in the so declared hi – tech world – class city! The excessive crowd of the commuters create a suffocated and perilous condition in the such new purchasedGreen, Orange and Red coloured buses, as their defective structure already create painful problem as their central portion are less wide and less spacious as compared to the old D.T.C buses . Added to this, they provide the golden chance to the criminal persons in the form of pick – pockets and few days back who attacked and killed a bus – traveler as his mobile was picked up by a group of pick – pockets in a running bus and such sad - news was covered by the media. However, such incidents are taking place in the buses in a daily – routine manner but our corrupt local police would remain busy in other KAAMDHANDE (the secret and miscellaneous exercises to mint the money) in place of performing their duty in an honest and untainted manner. Even the local police station would not register the due FIR in the cases of such daring and shocking criminal attacks on the commuters , as it would raise the figure of crime – rate of the State and thus clearly LIPA POTI AND DHOKHADHADI is used by the such civic- police force of the society, which is duty – bound to provide peace , safety of lives and the materials along with maintaining law and order for which the police department  has been set up in a civic – society and which is being paid through the income of the general – public in the shape of income-tax . The net outcome of such KAAMCHORI AUR KHULA AND BELAGAM BHRASTACHAR ( truant way / work – shy cult as well as rampant and unchecked corruption ) of the police - department , is fearless minds of the such criminals , which now openly attack the bus passengers with the deadly weapons and the Police Commissioner of Delhi and the Director – General of Police either of Haryana or U.P States brief the media in a clearly delusive and  fallacious manner as far as the real crime – rate is concerned in their particular states , specifically in the State of Delhi  !  Open violation of the several provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act,1988  can be seen on the roads in different  forms , which create perennial nuisance and flaring hurdles both for the users of the public – transport system and  the drivers of the such public – transport buses but the traffic – police as well as the local police remains as silent - spectators to see the such illegal parking near the bus – stoppages or the open encroachment of the broad road and  the footpaths by the parking – mafia or the erroneous shopkeepers. Absence of fire – fighting equipment in the old DTC buses as well as in the various private buses, Absence of perfect and necessary first – aid arrangement in the buses. So, these dozens of genuine and dazzling vexatious problems have been noticed by VOICE OF INDIA and finally to provide the millions of people once for all, a safe, secure, convenient and economical bus – service, a public interested litigation through the sharp and public – spirited fervor of its founder chairman, Dhanesh Ieshdhan has been filed in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, hence the people at large may take the sigh of relief full of convenience, security and dignity.

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