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Urgent Issues

To remove all the vexatious - problems which existed in the DMRC(Delhi Metro – Rail Service) of the capital - city of this nation as well as the N.C.T.ZONE, which cover the States of Delhi, Haryana and the U.P and which is called the new life – line of the National Capital Territory Zone and which transport more than 2 million people or commuters in a daily – routine manner. In fact, the fight is on in the Hon’ble Apex Court of this country under the significant and commendable performance of Dhanesh Ieshdhan to make available the public – utility services as well as other necessary facilities for the general public in Delhi Metro – Rail.


Delhi – Metro Rail, which has just completed 9 years ( 25th December , 2011 ) of its inception in the capital – city of the nation and which is being termed as new life – line of the National Capital Region Zone covering the States of Delhi , Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and     which is being used by 2 million ( 20 Lacs ) of people in a daily – routine manner , is  devoid of  basic and urgent public utility – services like free of cost cold drinking – water and public- toilet facility on its long and spacious platforms , which are however covered with different types of hoardings just to coin money on the part of DMRC, which is a joint venture of Govt. of N.C.T of Delhi and the Govt. of India. Neither there is proper and perfect sitting arrangement on such lengthy platforms (except putting 2-3 small bench) nor proper medical arrangement in the shape of urgent ambulance – service and  medical – equipments in the shape of stature , oxygen – machine etc. to meet or face any exigency in case of  an accident ; Metro – feeder bus – service is almost  closed in more than 100 metro – stations , which resulted confound and undesirable suffering for the commuters to reach their destinations in the shape of office or abode ; non – opening of the token or ticket - counters in a sufficient manner to save the time and avoid the unexpected pain in the form of a long and spiral queues; absence of scanning or X – rays machine to scan the commuters in place of rubbing the metal detector rod by the security personnel with the private parts of the human body in a senseless manner ; absence of metro – rail hospital to admit and treat its commuters as well as ailing staff members in case of accident or emergency in an efficient and perfect manner in place of searching the unoccupied beds in the govt. hospitals , which are always be found in a condition of filled with patients ; etc. In fact , these vexatious problems , which irritate and afflict the large number of people in a daily – routine manner , who use the metro – rail service in the N.C.R of Delhi , are being removed by VOI in a persevere and public – spirited manner. However , owing to the diligent and persistent efforts of VOICE OF INDIA , some improvements in the form of separate coach for the ladies just to save them from the incidents of eve – teasing , reservations of seats in the rest of the coaches for the old – persons , physically handicapped, ladies , setting up of the scanning – machines to check the bag or baggage in a commodious manner in place of earlier vexatious style of opening of the zip or chain of the bag or briefcase and then close it again in an insulting way with a simmering mind, construction of toilets on the ground floor or outside the ticket – counter (however in an objectionable and defective manner), have been done on the part of DMRC under the instructions of C.M of Delhi as the ceaseless and solemn efforts of VOI ultimately led such improvements. But, the main and urgent public – utility services are still out of sight in the new life – line of the capital – city of the nation. That is why, VOICE OF INDIA has gird up its loins to fight off such painful grievances in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the such public – interested matter has been admitted in the apex court in the service of millions of afflicted people, hence they may enjoy the such urgent and required unavoidable public – utility service and other facilities in an undisturbed and genial way.

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